Education Programmes for Patients (EPP) is part of the Living Well Service based in the Cimla Health and Social Care Centre. We are a range of health and social care professionals who can work with you to support your health and well-being, to help keep you safe and live independently in and around the community.

  • EPP provides a variety of free self-management courses for people living with any long-term health conditions or people in a caring role.
  • The courses support patients' skills to manage their long-term condition, fatigue, poor sleep, physical limitations, tense muscles, pain, stress, anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, depression and medication.


What are the benefits of attending an EPP self-management programme?

Nobody knows yourself better than you do.  So it makes sense that the same will be true when it comes to managing your health condition, or caring situation.

EPP Self-Management programmes compliments the care you get from the NHS, by giving you the ability to manage your health condition.  The programmes have been shown to enable patients to take control of their health and wellbeing by learning a set of tried and tested techniques. These increase confidence and the ability and belief to cope and manage health conditions. These all lead to an improved quality of life.