SA1 Medical Centre

St David’s Surgery



We advise patients to firstly ring Reception (SA1 Medical Centre 01792 481444 or St. David’s Surgery 01792 310708).  After speaking to a Receptionist, your request will go onto the daily triage list and be assigned to a Clinician for prioritisation.  (If you are unable to gain access via the telephone, please email for non-urgent queries).

If your request is not time sensitive, we may get back to you after surgery or the next day.  The doctors may work until very late in the evening, so please do not be alarmed if you receive a telephone call from a withheld number, text message or email message after hours.

Same Day or Same Week Appointments (Emergency/Urgent Clinical problems)

Patients can request urgent appointments and Reception will add your request to the daily Triage list.  Reception cannot directly book same day requests without being triaged by a Clinician.

Pre-booked Appointments

Patients can ask the Receptionist to add your name to these slots, as long as the problem can wait until the next available appointment.

Nurse and Health Care Assistant Appointments

Patients needing Nurse appointments are all pre-booked via the triage list as above.

Children’s Appointments

For children under 16 we offer same day (booked or emergency) appointments in line with the New Access Standards.  Please give full details to the Receptionist so that the Clinicians will be informed appropriately in a time-sensitive manner.

Requests for Housecalls where appropriate.

We offer housecalls by one of our Clinicians (GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Network Paramedic, Pharmacist) as required. If requests could be made prior to 10 am, this would enable us to organise the timing of the visits.


Why do Receptionists ask such personal questions?

Receptionists are a vital part of the Practice Team. Their questions are to ensure that patients are seen by the right person at the right time and all answers are kept confidential.